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Solenoid metering pump are used to dose chemical fluids such as acetic acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, nitric acid, chlorine, amines, etc.

Flow rate: up to 100 L/hr,

Working pressure: up to 20 bar,

Pump head: PVDF, PP, Acrylic

  • Electronic flow adjustment
  • Wall mounting
  • PVDF pump head


- disinfection,
- legionella prevention,
- cooling towers,
- water treatment,
- swimming pools,
- industrial-level chemical dosing.

Metering Pump by S Reich Co.,Ltd. Metering Pump by S Reich Co.,Ltd.


  • TMS DC: digital constant
  • TMS MF: digital multi-function
  • TMS PH: built-in pH reading and control
  • TMS RH: built-in ORP reading and control


  • TCO: constant
  • TCL: constant with level control
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