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Kecol - Sanitary Drum Pumps

Tapflo Logo Kecol manufacture a range of Air Powered Piston Pumps to suit standard and non standard Drums, Containers or IBC’s. Drum Length pump tube in 316L stainless steel - available in & screwed construction & 'Hygienic' Clamp Type construction. and other special executions are available for industrial duties.

Kecol Articulated Powerprime Drum Pump by S Reich

Features & Benefits:

  • Can be stalled without damage
  • Transfer products cleanly, quietly and efficiently
  • Hygienic models with ‘Quick Strip’ system
  • 316 Stainless Steel contact parts
  • Quick Release Coupling between Air Motor & Pump Tube
  • Variable Output and Pressure

Capacity : Up to 45 litre/min

Solid : Up to 12mm Solids

Pressure: Up to 175 Bar

Contact parts : Carbon steel or 316 S.S.

Ports : Available in BSP(F) and Clamp connections

ATEX All Kecol air powered piston pumps are ATEX approved.

Industry Example of applications
- Chemical & General Industrial Adhesives, colorants, resin, plasticizer, printing inks, sealants, paints, adhesives, dye, latex, oils, plasticols, etc.

Powerlift series 400

This air powered Lifting Device provides a safe method of raising and lowering Kecol drum pumps into and out of drums, process containers, IBC’s, mixing vessels, etc. The Powerlift, which is powered both up and down, is available in either painted steel or polished stainless steel construction and control is via a simple lever operated valve mounted on the main column of the unit.

Kecol drum pump lifting device

Powerprime series 500

Kecol’s ‘Powerprime’ single pressure Priming system, used in conjunction with a Kecol Piston pump, overcomes the problems associated with semi-flowable and sticky products by providing a constant pressure on the surface of the product in the drum, which ‘force feeds’ the pump. As the level of the product drops, a follower plate maintains the pressure on the surface of the product and at the same time wipes the sides of the drum.

Kecol drum pump power priming system

Measuring Cylinders

Used in conjunction with a Kecol Piston Pump Pressure Priming System these
Measuring Cylinders will dispense a predetermined volume of liquid or viscous
product. They are constructed of either carbon steel or 316 stainless steel and are
available in either manual or pneumatic actuation and fixed or adjustable outputs
from about 200ml up to 3 Litres. Accuracy is normally better than ± 1%.

Kecol drum pump power priming system

Non-Standard Pumps & Systems

Whether your requirement is for a special length piston pump with a non-standard
outlet fitting or a Powerlift, Powerprime or Maxiprime system for non-standard
vessels, Kecol will design and manufacture a unit to suit your requirements.
Our engineers will be pleased to discuss the many different options that are
available such as interlocking guards, jacking or standard castors, drum loading
systems, quick strip pumps, dispensing and filling systems, etc.

Kecol drum pump power priming system

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