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Kecol Drum Pump by S Reich

Piston Pumps for Viscous Products that Flow

 Logo for S Reich Co.,Ltd. Air Powered Piston Pumps and Priming Systems provide a very efficient and cost-effective method of pumping pastes, creams and other high viscosity and sticky products from Drums and Process Containers. They can also be adapted for square or rectangular Tote Bins, I.B.C.'s and provided that the product will just about flow, can be used to transfer viscous products from Storage Tanks.

Features & Benefits:

  • Variable Output and pressure
  • Can be stalled without damage
  • Quick Release Coupling between Air Motor & Pump Tube

Pumping System - Drum Pump

 Industrial Drum Pumps by Sreich  Hygienic Drum Pumps by SReich

Industrial Drum Pumps

Chemical & Industrial Range of Piston Pumps for viscous products that flow manufacture a range of Air Powered Piston Pumps to suit standard and non standard Drums, Containers or IBC’s. ...


Hygienic Drum Pump

Hygienic drum pump transfer food and paste are designed for high viscosity product for use with 200 litre drum, IBC’s tank, vessels process, planetary mixing vessels and similar containers. Drum length pump tube in SS316L available in and screw construction with hygienic clamp type.


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