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Tapflo - Centrifugal Pump : Vertical Series

  • Vertical Pump, a sealless and dry running safe pump specialized for transfer and circulation of various liquids from containers, sumps and tanks.
  • manufactured from PP (polypropylene), PVDF or stainless steel AISI 316L.
Tapflo Magnetic Centrifugal Pump by S Reich
  • Leakage free and dry running safe
  • Nearly maintenance free
  • Replacing self priming pumps


  • Heat Exchangers
  • Surface Treatment
  • Water Disposal
  • Water Treatment

Tapflo Logo for S Reich Co.,Ltd. CTV is a single stage vertical centrifugal pump that is simple but very reliable in duty.

Capacity: 10 - 27 m³/h

Max Head: 23 m.

Material: PP, PVDF, Stainless Steel AISI 316L

S Reich is the Official Distributor of Tapflo

Industry Example of applications
- Surface Treatment
- Water Treatment
- Heat Exchangers
- Water Disposal
Transfer and return pumping in galvanizing, hot zinc, pickling and oxidation processes
Transfer and return pumping
Return pumping in heat exchangers
Emptying sumps

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